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23. In addition, there would be a need to consider whether online material that has been modified should be classified as a new publication. This issue was considered in relation to a website in the United States in Firth v State of New York19. This case concerned a report published at a press conference which was then placed on the internet the same day, but the claim was not filed for over a year. It was held that the limitation period ran from the time that the article was placed on the website, and that each “hit” on the website did not amount to a new publication. It was also held that unrelated modifications made to other parts of the site were irrelevant and did not create a new publication.

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A sound ruling, I would suggest.

I'd further suggest that modifications to the same page that don't affect the content are similarly irrelevant and should not be considered a new publication.

Posted by Owen Blacker on 2009-10-03 23:28:07.
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