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  • provide key safeguards that protect the privacy of the individual and ensure the integrity of the Scheme. These exist at every level from the legislative framework that underpins the Scheme and the independent Scheme Commissioner who will oversee it, to the security of the systems that hold your information and, crucially, your right to see your information and, if necessary, correct it; and
    • deliver a positive customer experience during the implementation and operation of the Scheme. The Identity and Passport Service, the government agency responsible for the Scheme, has a customer service reputation that is literally second to none. We will ensure that those standards are maintained, as we introduce the key changes described in this document.

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I think IPS will find it extremely difficult to come through this process with its good customer service reputation intact. I think in hindsight this aim will appear overoptimistic.

Posted by William on 2007-01-21 15:51:32.
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