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To return to our opening point. Good policy, well implemented, makes bad choices much more difficult. The Scheme will do that. But the great promise of the Scheme is that it makes good things easier. A really effective identity management scheme is central to aligning public services around the citizen and realising the goal of truly joined-up and personalised government.

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It would help we to understad what they're tring to say if we had some examples. Eg do they mean

Bad choices: - to enter the UK illegaly - to work here when youre meant to be a tourist - to refuse to register or pay for an ID card - to commit GBH or rape, or to let off bombs - to only eat four portions of veg a day, and to smoke fags, or dope?

Good choices: - to vote in elections - to live a crime-free life - to have a healthy diet and take exercise - to be meticulous about bureaucratic procedures to do with travel, tax, welfare etc - to live n a more environmentally friendly way eg use public transport better

What do they actually mean?

Posted by William on 2007-01-21 15:58:34.
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