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So, while continuing to provide excellent customer service, we will strike a balance to ensure that best value for money is obtained, without compromising the Scheme's integrity.

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I'm just SO FAR from believing that these are the words we will end up using. If I could "sell futures" based on some measure of the waste of money and the dreadful customer experience, I would. And this whole venture seems to me to have been an integrity-free zone since the day it was mooted.

I'll force myslef to keep an open mind and if ever I'm persuaded or mollified, I may look back on this post and see how far I've come.

But I think it's far more likely that the Scheme will fail, or if it goes through I'll look back and see we were right to be sceptical and should have done more, more constructively and earlier.

Posted by William on 2007-01-21 16:26:16.
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