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8. We are already putting in place an expanded IPS office network. We are opening 69 new local offices to meet and interview first-time applicants for passports, and to prepare for recording biometrics. These offices will open in 2007 and will be used for the National Identity Scheme. Where the network of enrolment centres needs to be further expanded, we will first seek to use high street offices that are already used by central and local government. We will also look at options for the private sector providing outlets. At these offices, the systems which staff use to help people applying for their passports will be used to handle ID card applications for British citizens.

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Has anyone calculated the 'carbon footprint' that the registration process will incur by requiring visits to widely spaced centres, and related it to the Government's statements on reducing the country's carbon footprint?

Posted by Chris on 2007-03-07 15:45:21.
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