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Customer services

10. We will deliver customer services in a range of ways (e.g. online, by telephone) and these will include handling changes to your personal details, correcting data when necessary (for example if you change your address, or if you lose your card), and allowing you to review your National Identity Register (NIR) information.

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If IPS tries to call me a customer for its ID Scheme they may get an irate response.

Customers have a choice. It was a such a pleasure this week to cancel all payments to Sky. They delay, procrastinate, wriggle and squirm, try to sell you broadband and telephony. But no,I just dont want to give them more money, and I wont. That's what it feels like to e a customer.

Nor do I want to be summonsed to interview, fingerprinted, iris scanned (or have they dropped that?) charged money for some tool to let differerent bits of government link up my life in ways I dont desire. But am I a customer here? I doubt it.

Posted by William on 2007-01-21 16:51:31.
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