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  • card authentication: the person you present your card to will be able to check, using information held on the chip on the card, whether it is a genuine, unaltered card;

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This would merely show that the card is not forged. It would not detect someone using a stolen card as their own - and there would be plenty of lost and stolen ID cards about. Even though most people guard their passports carefully, in 2004 over 300,000 UK passports were lost or stolen [1]. Ministers say they want their Identity Scheme to become the "Gold Standard" for personal identity [2], and that people should use ID cards to prove "who you are, day in, day out",[3] offering many more opportunities to lose them than occasionally-used passports.

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[3] Andy Burnham, Radio 4 Today Programme, 28 March 2006,

Posted by Andrew Watson on 2007-03-06 08:17:19.
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