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  • PIN check: if they require a higher level of proof, they might ask you to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that only you should know;

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The Action Plan talks of making ID cards compatible with Chip-and-PIN credit card terminals to make this check available in all shops. However, in May 2006 Shell garages temporarily suspended Chip-and-PIN payments after a £1 million fraud used modified credit card terminals which recorded customers' PINs.[1] UEA criminologist Emily Finch has found that criminals have already adapted to PIN technology, and that increasing reliance on such technology makes users less vigilant, thus making fraud easier, not harder; she thinks reliance on ID cards will therefore increase fraud rates.[2]

[1] Paul Hales, "Chip and pin hack exposed", The Inquirer, 8 May 2006,

[2] Jonathan Amos, "Criminals to 'adapt to ID cards'", BBC, 4 September 2005,

Posted by Andrew Watson on 2007-03-06 08:20:22.
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