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74. Appointing a commissioner to oversee the operation of the National Identity Scheme is a key safeguard of the Identity Cards Act 2006. The Commissioner will be recruited by means of an open competition, which will begin significantly before the first ID card is issued: there will be full and proper oversight from the outset. We will ensure that the Commissioner is in post before the first ID cards are issued under the Identity Cards Act 2006. To ensure independence, the Commissioner will not be based in IPS. He or she will review the operation of the Scheme, including the uses to which ID cards are being put and the arrangements made for securing the confidentiality and integrity of information recorded in the NIR. The Commissioner will make regular reports to the Home Secretary, and these will be published and laid before Parliament.

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Sounds like a suitable role for a former Accenture partner perhaps...suit-wearing, confident, ready to listen (a bit) but perhaps fatally weak on technology

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