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  • HMG IS1 is not client-centric and does not consider the management of client identities or obligations to protect the information of clients under the DPA, the Human Rights Act, and other legal instruments; a related issue is the protection of clients' information and service provision as a whole in an environment where client machines wil be protected to a range of different levels. 2.1.8 The IA policy and guidance provided herein is designed to support the provision of e-
    Government services and protection of the information assets that are managed by these services. There remains, however, a particular requirement to apply HMG IS1 in addition to this guidance in the fol owing circumstances:

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If "client" means people here (and not just people's PCs) it's a big step forward that we now recognise the need to change that. Can I respectfully point out that if CSIA had a more embedded culture of openness and readiness to listen and engage with critical friends you would have realised this a great deal earlier, saving a lot of grief and work, and indeed money (eg if similar failures turn out to have undermined public trust in the children's index, NHS records and pland for ID management).

Posted by William on 2007-02-14 15:30:56.
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