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  • protection of identity registration information is a particular issue for high-
    value information such as biometric information that is captured for 46 The IS1 definition of integrity, which we have adopted for this document, includes the requirement for non-repudiation of transactions and communications. 47 For example, if a service enables a range of transactions at Integrity IL1 based on a requirement for non-repudiation, that client must be registered at Registration IL1 or higher before being allowed to enrol. checking against a national database;48 careful consideration of the options to protect such information or reduce the impact of compromise would need to be considered in such cases;49 applying measures for protection of high-value identifiers is likely to be prohibitively expensive and difficult to implement in most cases.

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Sweet, so this introduces a requirement for a national database of biometrics.

Posted by Ben Laurie on 2007-02-14 14:37:05.
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