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The Government accepts the thrust of recommendation 9. Government will undertake economic analysis of these issues to be published this year. The terms of reference for this study are currently under development but it is expected to concentrate on the availability and pricing of public sector information by trading funds. The Shareholder Executive leads the Government's relationship with a number of trading funds. The economic review will consult the Shareholder Executive as part of its work. Only after that work has been carried out can decisions be taken about recommendations 10 and 12. The Government's response to the OFT report, to be considered alongside this document, makes it clear that, if major changes are needed to OPSI's regulatory role, then the National Archives 'should consider what their policy priorities are and provide funding accordingly within this allocation'. Many economic regulators charge those they regulate to recover the costs of their regulatory role. Whether such a change is needed, to bring OPSI in line with other economic regulators, will not be known until after the economic analysis but it is not precluded by the response to the OFT response.

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