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A.235 HMRC wants paying tax to be no different from paying other bills, and aims to make it as easy as possible for customers to pay what they owe by providing a range of flexible payment methods. Payment methods currently vary according to the tax to be paid. There are advantages in extending these methods and introducing new ones to make it easier to pay. HMRC already accepts debit cards as payment for a wide range of tax debts and will be extending this facility to take payment for debts across a number of regimes in a single transaction. Customers can also pay various tax liabilities using the Billpay system on the HMRC internet, allowing them to pay by debit card at a time of their choosing. The department has recently published a consultation paper seeking views on extending these services to include the use of Credit Cards. HMRC will be extending the use of direct debit in 2008, allowing payments for a wide range of taxes, and will provide online direct debit facilities, during 2008, helping customers to budget for their tax obligations and to keep up to date with their payments.

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