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A.237 In particular, the HO is working much more closely internally within directorates and between the wider criminal justice landscapes. Closer cooperation between the police, the Border & Immigration Agency (BIA) and other government departments means that users have less contact points to negotiate in receiving public services from us. The department's commitment to consulting and involving the public will enable services to be measured more accurately and improved more quickly to meet individual needs. Lastly, a thorough review of the department's communications strategy and channels has been undertaken with a confident expectation of a much more streamlined and easy-to-do-business-with organisation. All of the points are exemplified below. These improvements address frontline issues such as victim support, border protection and counter terrorism as well as dealing with internal process improvements particularly in the area of corporate services. The HO is also taking the lead across government in identity management which is one of the foundations of the wider public services transformation agenda.

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