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2. The Scheme has five major parts.

  • Applying for your card: this is how you apply for a passport or a card. Through the application process you will go on to enrol in the Scheme and will be issued with a card.
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    Having been born and lived in this 'FREE' society for six decades (and counting) and having found that this 'so-called' "Peoples Democracy" has become more and more intrusive, oppressive and basically 'FASCIST' I feel it is about time that I added my name to the list of "Free Born" who feel that enough is much more than enough. 'Things' have already gone way too far as it is. I therefore place on record that I will take no part in this I-D card bullshit, don't need it won't have it. So how is this increasingly FACIST state going to obtain the 'Stuff' needed from me to 'conscript' me into this "Big Brother" obscenity (?). Perhaps Putin, the generals of burma the talaban or decendents of Adolf and Stalin could offer suggestions.

    We shall have to "wait-and-see" how our 'Free and Democratic' state responds. Perhaps we shall find out just how 'Cowardly and Gutless' the Great (?) British Nation has now become

    Posted by R G Martin on 2007-11-15 14:42:27.
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