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85. The Government has said (Cabinet Office (November 2005) Transformational Government: Enabled by Technology) that it wants ID cards and the NIR to be the `glue' that allows personal and identity-related data to be joined up across government. Through these joint ventures, we aim to build confidence in and support for the National Identity Scheme among those people who have enrolled, people in the public sector and people in business. We also aim to tackle identity-related business challenges and to improve the customer experience for all those (the individual, as well as the private and public sectors) who interact with government services. It is important to stress that the use of the NIR here will be to provide proof of identity to joint venture partners, by only providing identity- related data that is specific to the partner's business process not to provide wider access to the full set of data that the NIR holds.

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Is this based on any evidence about how people want to deal with government in an e-enabled world? Or is it wishful thinking by a group of people with a certain view of the world and a reluctance to engage with others who might not share their view? Until we prove the former, I suspect the latter.

Posted by William on 2007-01-21 21:32:43.
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