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1.2.3 Use of this guidance is not mandatory, but lack of consistency with other e-
Government services would contradict the principles of Transformational Government, which promotes a shared-services approach to delivery of coordinated services. Failure to apply the best practice measures set out herein would weigh heavily against a service provider in the event of an inquiry.

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Ok, so it's a bit like the Highway Code

Posted by William on 2007-02-14 15:10:26.
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No its not a bit like the Highway Code, its more like making the Construction and Use Regulations for motor vehicles optional. If, because the IA framework isn't followed in the design and operation of a service that I use, and there is as a result a failure of the service, of confidentiality, etc, its no use to me that there might later be an inquiry. Adherence to this framework must be made mandatory, and therefore the changes in business processes, contracts, etc, must be funded - "administrative process re-engineering" (a term that I first heard from Prof Ohyama of Japan's METI).

Posted by Peter Tomlinson on 2007-03-04 14:41:45.
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