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  • protect identity registration information in transit and within the e-Government service. 48 Widespread misappropriation of biometric information would negate the value of such a database. Potential misuse of this information, for example to support fraudulent activities by a criminal organisation, might lead the practitioner to assign a confidentiality impact level for this information that exceeds Confidentiality IL3. 49 For the biometrics example, an example solution would be to securely process the biometric using a hash function to present an identifier with significantly fewer degrees of freedom, but which remains unique to an individual client insofar as the biometric itself can be considered unique. 50 For example, cookies might be used to store identity registration information, to enable the registration process to be paused. In this example, the client should be made aware of this, of the risks of using insecure machines (eg in an internet café) and of how to expunge this information following registration.

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Footnote 49 is wishful thinking in most cases.

Posted by Ben Laurie on 2007-02-14 14:39:45.
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